What I Wore (Alternatives!)

leatherskater1 (Small)

leatherskater2 (Small)

This outfit was so frugal, you won’t believe it! The wedge boots and the cardigan are both several years old, so I’ve gotten more than my money out of those items. The top was an end-of-the-season clearance item, and the footless tights you can get for next to nothing! The only piece that’s newer is the skirt, and it was $17 at dorothyperkins.com.

From the waist up, I look like I could be attending a PTO meeting. Waist down, I’m a little more fun! Ooh, that should be someone’s tagline! Not mine. 😉 Since I couldn’t find a lot of the original items to share with you, I put together a brand new outfit that’s very similar. I kind of like my polyvore outfit better. What do you think? Also, I was planning on wearing footed tights, but made a last-minute switch to go footless. It’s possible that I look a little underdressed for the weather, since it’s obviously a little cold outside! However, don’t let it fool you; that faux leather skirt doesn’t breathe at all, and is super hot because of that! I’ve never tried one of those wraps that makes you melt away fat, but I’m pretty sure this skirt could double. Okay, now I’ve just made things awkward and bordering on gross.

P.S. my hair has been super dry lately, so I’m trying not to use my flat iron too much! I usually flat iron my hair at least every other day, so this is a big deal for me. I’m still blow drying at least every other day, but I don’t think that’s quite as damaging, especially since I’m rubbing a little Moroccan oil in first. I’m sort of liking the way my hair looks without literally frying it all the time! Maybe I’ll start a trend; undone done. If anyone has any amazing secrets for dry, damaged hair, I’m all ears!


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    Natalie says

    Love love the skirt! You are beautiful, girl! -be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week and it will help a TON with dryness. The Moroccan line has a fabulous one!

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