Warm Your Heart – Coat Styles 2014


I know what you’re thinking; that I’m a newbie blogger that doesn’t know the rules. I’m supposed to write about winter fashions way before it even gets cooler. Back in September, right? Well, I happen to not like rules much. Besides that, I just now bought my new coat and therefore couldn’t have shared with you before. Hello there after Christmas sales! How do you do? After some research, it looks like my choice will still be very fashionable come fall 2014 as well, so I’m okay with the fact that I waited so long. Christmas when you’re a mom of three has to take financial presidence. It does in my house anyway! My kids made out like bandits this year! Also, my favorite mother-in-law gave me cash this year with strict instructions to spend it all on myself. I may have imagined her giving those instructions. Oh me and my silly, overactive imagination! So, taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales, and using a coupon (could I sound any more like a mommy right now?), I snagged a great deal on this coral, almost salmon, colored coat. It’s so adorable! That’s the coat I’m going to keep, but I ended up buying two coats. Does anyone else do this? I found two things that both look great on me, loved the price on each, so I bought both to take home and try on with my different clothes and shoes. Totally normal, right? The rejected coat–that is sitting in the bag ready to be returned–was also a beautifully tailored pea coat, but the color was just so simple, so oatmeal, so beige. I love the color, do not get me wrong. It will go with everything! The problem is that I already own a beige coat, and my personality is so not beige. I personally don’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb, as long as it’s in a brave, fashionable, I-don’t-care-if-you-like-my-style kind of way.

Real quick, I wanted to update you on my detox diet. It was difficult to be super strict for more than a week, since we were having lots of holiday gatherings coming up, but I did continue to eat healthy and even began taking it to the next level. My husband and I bought a juicer and have started adding a nutritious fresh drink every day to our already-healthy diet. I’m not juicing only, since I feel that the juice only diet is lacking in fiber and protein, but I definitely think adding a juice blend of vegetables that you normally wouldn’t eat is great! It’s so delicious, too!

Another update I’d like to plug is on my stretch marks. If you remember my complaint, I have these battle wounds all over my midsection after having my third child. I started using a dermaroller and a stretch mark cream only about 10 days ago. It makes my skin a little itchy and tingly, so I’m only using it once daily at night, not twice like the instructions recommend, but I have already begun to see results. It’s starting to look like I might actually have to show you my hideous before pictures after all! ┬áIf I have success, I’ll outline exactly what I’m doing so you can play along at home!

Stay warm!


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