The Scary World of Mixing Neutrals


Being a busy mama sometimes makes it difficult to spend a ton of time getting dressed each morning. Thankfully, mixing neutrals ┬ácan save money, time, and is totally acceptable in the world of fashion. You just have to find the right balance. This October morning was crisp but sunny, and the only thing on the docket was heading to the store and then the playground. Playing it safe and comfy, I wore an over-sized gray and cream sweater, black leggings, a light and airy peach scarf, and dark brown boots. While out, I threw on my black, cropped leather jacket. Some people might read this and not be convinced, I know. Mixing neutrals can be super intimidating. So why is it okay sometimes, and not others? I’ll break it down.

Balance Is Key

An outfit has to have balance. For example, over-sized sweaters and leggings look great together, but your adorable wide leg pants are much better suited with more form-fitting, tailored tops. The same goes with texture. You wouldn’t wear a fuzzy sweater with fuzzy pants and fuzzy boots, right? Not unless you’re dressing up for Halloween, I would hope. In the case of my outfit today, I pared down the sheen of the black leather jacket with the dull and rustic of the ankle boots. If I had worn a brown leather boot with more sheen, it might have been distracting and wouldn’t have gone together as well.


The easy sweater with its cool gray stripes and the cool black leggings needed some warmth in order for the brown boots to make sense. This peach scarf with a bit of gray added both charm and whimsy, but also hit the right chord in terms of warming up my outfit and bringing it all together. It also balanced out the masculine boot quite nicely.


Mixing neutrals can be scary, I know. I am definitely not the most brazen when it comes to braving new fashion trends. This one, though, is a safe way to tell the world you’re not that fussy or uptight about your look. Play with it a little and only wear what makes you feel comfortable. The key to looking put together, regardless of what you’re wearing, is confidence. If brown boots and a black jacket makes you freak a bit, don’t do it! However, in everything I wear, even if it took hours to put together, I try to make it look like I didn’t really try that hard. Throwing together a few mixed neutrals is the perfect way to achieve this.


Even with this non-rule comes a bit of caution. If, for example, you’re wearing black from head to ankle, rocking a brown boot will probably look completely out of place.┬áRemember; balance first, then cahonas!

See you at the playground!

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