Surviving The Man Cold


This winter has been one of the longest and coldest that I can remember. When it’s extra cold and we’re all stuck inside sharing collective groans of boredom, we also tend to be extra generous about sharing our germs. Somehow, we’ve had three bouts of the stomach bug in my house, as well as countless other colds and sniffles to boot. Luckily, my husband doesn’t get sick as often as my kids. If he did, I’d be in big trouble as a wife. Here’s why: I confess I’m just not good at babying my big baby. When my kids get sick, I rush to their side at the slightest whimper. When my husband gets sick, I quarantine him to one room and check to make sure he’s breathing occasionally. I didn’t even realize that I treated him so differently until he became sick immediately after one of my kids, and the lack of time passing between my patients magnified the disparity. For my son, I immediately ran out to the store and grabbed his favorite flavor of Gatorade and a bunch of healthy, organic ingredients to make homemade chicken soup. When my husband became sick shortly after, he had to fend for himself, drinking whatever was left over from my son, and making his own can of MSG. Doesn’t sound that bad? Really? I added a bouquet of fresh herbs to my son’s soup, people! It took hours to perfect the labor of love we affectionately dub “Jewish penicilin,” and I didn’t even offer to warm up a can of Campbell’s for my loving husband? I have a feeling I deserve all the dirty looks you’re shooting at your innocent computer screens. I know, this is not cool.

Superman Syndrome

Hopefully my husband won’t get sick again anytime soon for me to right my wrong, but I feel I need to delve deep down and figure out where this is coming from so I can fix it.┬áMy husband is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He prides himself on being able to provide a good life for his family. I know that he works very hard in his job, in our marriage, in being a good father, in everything. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing man. He is my rock, my glue, my superstar champion…that just so happens to be my partner. He’s the best partner anyone could ever have! He’s smart, strong, and always pulls his own weight in anything we attempt. I really wonder if I take his strength for granted. Even Superman gets sick sometimes, right? He probably even has to ask for directions occasionally. It just catches us off guard when it happens.

In the future, I’m going to remind myself that I vowed to love this guy through thick and through thin, in sickness and in health. I didn’t say I’d make him homemade soup and wait on him hand and foot, but maybe my vows require an amendment.

What do you think? Should I baby my husband when he gets sick?


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