Strange Things Bloggers Do

Will you just start a blog already? You give kitty a headache.

Will you just start a blog already? You give kitty a headache.


We bloggers are strange creatures. We write–and share with the world–all of our secrets, our embarrassing moments, our financial woes, things normal people don’t even talk about with their cats. I have to say there’s something cathartic about spilling all your beans, but it also lends people to believe that bloggers might just be on a whole other level of strange. Here’s some of the crazy and completely awesome things I’ve learned from my blogger friends.

They’re Homeopathic Healers

If it promises to cure all ailments, can be made using organic ingredients from the kitchen, and even promises to make skin glowy, you better believe your blogger friend is trying it. Oil pulling, egg white facials, coffee grind scrubs, juicing, chiropractic, reflexology, accupuncture, massage…I’ve tried it all. In fact, some things I’m still doing. For the most part, these things are DIY, or at least talk-your-husband-into-DIHing, but I believe in it all. I’m very open-minded when it comes to healthy, organic alternatives to western medicine. That said, I’m not a total alien. I will take the drugs when need be. I never had a drug-free birth, for example. If you did, you are a bigger mama than me. Day to day life and lesser ailments, I call in the help of the google gods and try to find my accupressure point that coordinates with whatever’s bothering me. I realize, and am okay with the fact, that this freaks a lot of people out.

They Know That Handmade Is Way Better Than Store Bought

Bloggers love to make homemade deodorant, homemade dish soap, homemade detergent, homemade concealer, homemade lotion, etc. I know an awesome blogger that doesn’t even buy paper towels. Seriously. She uses old t-shirts soaked in vinegar. Now that’s dedication, folks. I know other bloggers who have never in their lives bought a single Halloween costume. A lot of awesome mommy bloggers don’t ever buy their daughters hair bows, leg warmers, tights, or tutus. Everything is handmade…and yes, better than any store bought version. They sew their own curtains (I did this one, so it can be done by novice seamstresses!), cook and bake everything from scratch, and design/construct their own DIY home decor. While I’m not the most naturally talented in any of those venues really, I’m not afraid to try my hand. What’s the harm in trying to DIY? It’s almost always less expensive and usually I’m quite happy with the results.

They Save Half Their Income While Still Living Well

My husband and I have definitely had our share of financial missteps, bad luck, and just plain stupidity when it comes to the green stuff. These days, we’re doing just fine, but we’re still not to the point that we’re ready to save half our income. We know a lot of bloggers that do just that! It seemed so unattainable and even sort of insane when we first were introduced to this idea. Today, it feels less crazy, which tells me that our relationship with money has changed drastically. Although we’re still not ready (and possibly able) to do so, I think this is something we’ll be able to do some day…and that’s a great feeling.

They Take Horribly Unflattering Pictures

A lot of blogs I stalk are visually some of the most fascinating collections of beauty and design. However, we bloggers are very aware that a beautiful room design or gorgeous makeover isn’t nearly as exciting without the gratuitous “before” pictures. Before pictures act as the foil to the jewel; they’re hideous, unrefined, and offensive to our beauty-seeking peepers. It’s genius really. I mean, how in the world can one truly appreciate the full magnitude of a beautiful room design without first being assaulted with the outdated and unkempt of what it used to be? Before pictures act as a generous dose of hope for those who are afflicted with a case of the uglies. They help us to see the potential we might be pessimistically overlooking, and remind us that with some time, spit, and shine, we too can have gorgeous…anything.

What other strange things do bloggers do? PS, if you do any of the above strange things and you’re not already a blogger, maybe you should consider starting!


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