Snowed In…Again


It’s January 9th, and my children are still on Christmas break. It’s been one snow day after another, and I’m going a little stir crazy. Yesterday, this is what I looked like, only I’m not a model like the girl above. Oh, and I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Basically, this is what I like to think I looked like, but the reality is probably a tad scarier. Today, my look is very similar. Ahh, Winter. You win again. I think I have a great outlook on life. I love my children and my home. I love myself and even my husband deserves a mention here. However, I turn into a big grump and kind of hate everything after being starved of sunlight for a few days. Outside, everything is white or grey and very…very…still. I hate it. My husband promises me that one day we will have this game of life figured out, and we’ll smartly have a vacation planned for a week or so in the dead of winter, instead of being stuck here, snowed in. That should revive me of my seasonal vitamin D deficiency, and give me something to look forward to on desolate days like today. This year, we have no such vacation planned, and my husband is too busy at work to sneak out anyway, so I’ll try to find my big girl panties and girl up. Ugh, they’re probably on the bottom of that perpetual laundry pile that’s now covered by my boys’ snow-soaked clothes.

Cover me! I’m going in…

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