Peter Pan Collars — Growing Up Is Optional

peter pan collar

There’s such innocence to this modest neckline, which makes it absolutely perfect for someone as sweet and pure as me. Go on now. After you’ve picked yourself up from the ground from laughing so hard, pour me a drink and let’s discuss the cuteness that is Peter Pan collars. Easy to wear and style, I really love how young and fun this look can be, without making me look like I’m 12…or trying to pass for 12. I truly believe you can be a stylish mama without looking like you’re trying too hard to hold onto your youth. Styling this look when you are over 30, I would caution you away from hairstyles with braids or even a ponytail, unless you like being reminded that it’s probably past your bedtime.

There are a lot of dresses with the Peter Pan collars built in, but recently finding myself in a Kohl’s store to exchange a gift, I spotted an entirely adorable section that included Peter Pan blouses, swing skirts, and fit-to-flare dresses. Upon further inspection, I realized it was Lauren Conrad’s line. Makes perfect sense as I’ve always loved her chic, classic style. Since I was not shopping for myself, I talked me out of ransacking the department, but accidentally fell in love with a cream, jeweled, Peter Pan collared top. Then, someone must have shoved me into a rack of dresses, and then into a fitting room. I felt so violated that I bought both pieces.

I’ll wear my new, very affordable, but right up-to-the-minute ensemble this weekend to a Christmas party. Actually, it’s a White Elephant party. Ah, the plot thickens. You know the game. The one where you connivingly sit beside friends and smile sweetly, and then pounce on the beautiful present they thought they were going to get to keep, crushing the stuck-on wrapping paper and, along with it, their dreams. Yep, better wear my seemingly innocent, sweet dress. 😉


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