Detox Dieting

The past several weeks, I’ve been eating pretty terribly. I think it might go with the territory when you’re an at-home mom. Let’s face it; fun fare like grilled cheese sandwiches are easy and fast, not to mention toddler-friendly and pretty yummy for mama too! I’ve also been indulging in cookies, cupcakes, french fries and […]

Loving And Guiding My Free-spirited Child

Once a week, my 2-year-old daughter has gymnastics class. The instructors are all so sweet, and the way they teach the children how to do the exercises is very creative. A lot of the exercises are nicknamed after animals or other toddler-identifiable objects. The kids really have no problem following along with the instructions, especially […]

Mikasa French Countryside – Review

For the first time in my life, I have a complete set of matching dishes. Yay, I’m officially an adult! Sure, having matching dinnerware doesn’t necessarily mean you’re old, but I also started flossing my teeth on days that I’m not even seeing my dentist, and that one makes my transformation pretty darn convincing. Getting […]

Octopus Triptych – A Thing Of Beauty Times Eight

For 6 months, my breakfast room wall was completely naked. What can I say? My wall was a hussy. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with this big, blank canvas, but I knew I had a friend who painted and I liked a lot of her work. In true NYMS form, I […]

Cozy Casual

  Since I worked on my nightstand twice today, during my daughter’s nap time and after my kids’ bed time, I wore my lovely painting clothes a lot today. However, I did wear actual clothes today for a bit as well. Above is sort of what I wore. I say “sort of” only because these […]

The Little Nightstand That Could

Since moving into our new house 6 months ago, I don’t think I’ve gone longer than a few days without having some sort of project for the home. Since I can only work on these tedious, time-consuming, manicure-destroying jobs when my daughter is napping or when my husband is home and can watch her, these […]

The Comment That I Could Do Without

Today, while checking out at the grocery store, the cashier began talking to my 2-year-old daughter as she mindlessly rolled our items across the scanner. “Hi there. What’s your name?” “My name is Ella.” “How old are you, Ella?” “I’m two!” My daughter proudly stated with the most adorable cheeseball grin you can imagine. “TWO?”  […]

Raising Stylish Kiddos – Debunked!

When I was small, my favorite toys were my dolls and all their accessories. I could sit and dress my dolls for hours. I would fix their hair and design their clothing. I even put my mom’s makeup on them from time to time. I always thought that when I had children, I would dress […]

Get The Look – Fair Isle Leggings

This morning’s dreariness had me craving hot cocoa, a warm fire, and a good book to take me away. Here in the Midwest in early November, it’s not even that cold really, but on days the Sun doesn’t even peek out from behind the grey clouds, it makes it feel a bit chillier. Today is […]

The Liebster Award

This little site of mine went live exactly 6 days ago, so I’m quite flattered that Emma from Bella & Bear has nominated me for this award. I do understand that it’s just an award for being wet behind the ears basically, but nonetheless, I’m happy she chose to include my baby blog. The Liebster […]