Happiness Is An Organized Bathroom Closet

Recently, I tackled a little home project that desperately needed my attention. When I say “desperately,” I’m possibly being a tad dramatic since most people don’t think that having a cluttered mess that no one else even sees is a big deal. In fact, most people could care less if their bathroom closet were a mess. How one arranges toiletries and towels is hardly a topic of conversation or interest. However, I digress. This needed to get done. I might have been the only one hearing my closet’s desperate cries, but she was nagging at me, rambling on and on like that one girl that only calls me when she’s drunk. I’m not saying any names, but you know who you are. Every time I needed to grab nail polish, or a new bottle of shampoo, or perhaps a festive mustache bandaid to cheer up a kiddo, she would get her hopes up, thinking I was there to clean out the expired cough syrup and  pain killers. Each and every time, I left her with promises to return soon and finish the job, only to forget and get tied up in some other fashion or chore. Finally one afternoon,  I gave in just to shut her up.

The before…

I had some leftover grasscloth wallpaper from another project I had completed a while back, and thought the thick, sturdy material would work great as a shelf covering. Without any coverings, little things like lip balm fall through the holes of the metal grate-like shelving, and medium-sized items would tip over if not properly placed. Only larger items like towels and large shampoo bottles fit nicely. Since I didn’t have enough to cover everything, I had to pick and choose which items got the primo real estate parking, and what could survive the old school, naked shelves.

As you can see by my embarrassing before picture, I have a lot of unused space. In our old house, we didn’t even have a closet in our master bath. Now we have to be smart and utilize our storage space wisely. Before, we always put all of our towels in the main hall closet. Now, I can be picky and hoard all the nicer towels in my own closet. It sure is awesome being an adult! That is, until you realize the real reason you hoard the nicer towels is because you’re the one that does the laundry and therefore the only one that takes care of anything. Tell you what; my kids can start using the nicer towels as soon as they start doing laundry, and by my standards…not theirs.

So, now that I have an organized bathroom closet, my life is complete. I will rest more soundly tonight. Namaste.


After: Face Products


After: Hair Products

After: Hair Tools & First Aid

After: Hair Tools & First Aid



The Prettier, More Organized…After!


The first step in organizing a closet should probably include setting all of your items out on the floor or a bed before even thinking about arranging the shelves. That way, you know what items need to be tossed and what items will need more space on the shelves. It’s possible that you are naturally gorgeous and don’t need nearly the amount of space for face products that I do, for example. And P.S. I still love you, you naturally beautiful sex kitten!

Organization should be about making your life easier and more efficient, not more difficult in any way. Try separating items into larger groups like “hair” and “skin” and “cold meds.” Try not to make things too complicated. For example, as a wavy haired mama, I sometimes wear my hair curly, sometimes straight, and sometimes leave it wavy. Then, there’s the updo days, the beach wave days, etc etc. If I tried to separate my products by “curly hair products” and “straight hair products” and….whatever else, you get the idea. It would be a way bigger mess and headache than not organizing the shelves at all!

Finally, don’t go out and buy anything just yet. “I’m going to organize my closet today. Go me! I’m going to head out to that one store and buy EVERYTHING in their “And Beyond” section! EEE!” If that sounds like you, you might want to stop and take inventory of your own belongings first. (Actually, if you squeal to yourself over closet organization, you’re probably way more organized than me…and therefore, not here reading this.) On this simple project, I didn’t spend a dime. I happened to already have baskets and the grasscloth was leftover from another project. I know most people probably don’t have leftover wall coverings sitting around their homes, but you probably do have something that will work just fine. Personally, I kind of feel like buying a bunch of baskets and trays might be counterproductive to the entire process of organizing and decluttering your space. Although having a bunch of cute baskets would make your closet look positively adorable, I don’t think it necessarily makes your space more efficient. As long as it looks tidy and has some sort of rhyme or reason to the placement, I don’t think the baskets and trays are completely necessary. Besides, for my everyday items like skincare products, I don’t really want to have to sift through a basket several times a day.

I think my closet looks so nice now, I might even leave the door open when we have company! No, please…use our bathroom.



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    We just did a SERIOUS kitchen organization day, and it felt so great! I think it’s a requirement every few months to open all your drawers and admit that you’ve been jamming things in every which way and it’s time to change things up! The next one is the secretary desk we have that gets all kinds of random paperwork shoved in it and forgotten. I love the basket for hair stuff, I would throw a few more baskets in there for grouping items!

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      chellerae says

      Doesn’t it feel great?! I think every few months is a good idea. Put it on the calendar just to keep yourself in check. Not a bad idea! I agree about the baskets maybe looking cuter. Hm…I actually own two more of those baskets. Maybe I’ll group some more and see how it looks. Thanks!

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