Mikasa French Countryside – Review


photo courtesy of Mikasa

For the first time in my life, I have a complete set of matching dishes. Yay, I’m officially an adult! Sure, having matching dinnerware doesn’t necessarily mean you’re old, but I also started flossing my teeth on days that I’m not even seeing my dentist, and that one makes my transformation pretty darn convincing. Getting old is awesome, matchy-matchy, and minty fresh all at the same time.

This Thanksgiving, it was really nice being able to host a lovely dinner, and to hear nothing but nice comments about my place settings, instead of my guests wondering why none of my plates matched. It’s not that we were so broke that we couldn’t afford new dinnerware, but to be honest, it was just pretty far down on our list of wants. We made do just fine with our mismatched plates for years, and I don’t think my children suffered one bit because of it. These are only things, right? Beautiful, make-mommy-happy, things. My thoughtful mother bought this set for me as an early Christmas present. Actually, she bought two sets of service for 8 plus the 5 completer pieces. This could have easily cost her $2000 or more, but she was smart and did her research before buying.

My mom found the best deal online at J.C. Penney’s for $199/45 piece Mikasa French Countryside dinnerware set (service for 8 plus 5 completer pieces), then received 30% off by ordering online, bringing each set down to $140, or $17.50/place setting. Holy Mother Of Bargains! That’s cheaper than Target prices! Online at Mikasa’s website, the list price for this set is $975. Since she bought two, with tax and shipping, it would have cost her over $2000 at regular price, but she ended up paying only $291.81 for everything, shipping and all.

The set itself is lovely. It’s very simple and elegant and completely timeless. It is perfect for everyday use, but can effortlessly be dressed up for more formal settings. As for Mikasa, I could not be happier with their service. Upon delivery, 3 of the plates were cracked. The boxes weighed 60 pounds each, so after unpacking each piece carefully and finding the 3 broken plates at the bottom, I was so worried that I would have to repack everything before returning. I called Mikasa’s helpful customer service and they were more than happy to right it by sending me the pieces at  no charge and with no questions asked. I was very impressed. My mom has had her Mikasa dinnerware set for as long as I’ve been alive (22 years…give or take a decade) and so I know that they effortlessly withstand the test of time.

So now, the only negative thing about this pretty dinnerware is the fact that it makes me want to update my silverware…and placemats…and napkins…  Oh mom, my husband cannot thank you enough!


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