Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood
Once upon a time, in a nearby suburb, lived a girl who was blessed in so many ways. She had married her Prince Charming and was the proud mom of 3 beautiful children. There was just one thing this lucky girl feared. Unfortunately, when she wore adorable, romantic outfits like the one pictured above, everyone, EVERYONE, wanted to gobble her up…even her own grandmother.


Happy New Year, brave fashionistas! This year, resolve to wear what you want. A shirt you love but is –gasp–four years old? Wear it with pride, you frugal fox! Clearance rack boots? Trust me…no one will know. You look smart…and sexy. As a mom, it’s sometimes difficult to be stylish without feeling guilty. Stop it! I know, because I do this myself at times, that it’s sometimes easy to forget to treat ourselves. We pour our entire beings and all of our energy into our children and our spouses, but we forget to leave room for me time. If you are making sure your family is well cared for, you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a night off to get your hair done or to buy yourself a new outfit. Unless you’re draining your children’s college funds or racking up debt to do so, you shouldn’t feel the least bit unnerved about taking care of you. Just be careful around heavily wooded areas when looking this sweet and delicious, mama. The big, bad wolf is waiting…


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