Have A Chic Halloween


As a self-proclaimed chic mama, dressing up for Halloween is now something I mostly reserve for costume parties. I’m definitely not a party pooper by any means; I just don’t like being a cheeseball as much as I used to. I liken it to runway looks and their ready-to-wear alternatives consumers later find on the racks. The runway styles only look fabulous on the gorgeous, featherweight models. Since I now possess birthing hips and stretch marks, maybe I should wear things that are a tad more forgiving. Same goes for Halloween costumes. Don’t get me wrong; I still think I’d look pretty cute in some of my past costumes, but I’m not sure the same could be said if I had to balance a toddler on my hip while trick-or-treating in a short skirt and fishnet stockings. Cute just jumped shark and ran right into tacky. Of course, not all of my past costumes could land me a title in a Hoochie Mama competition, but they were all pretty cheesy, fishnet stockings or not.

This Halloween, since we’re not going to any costume parties, I plan on showing my spirit by wearing accessories merely reminiscent of the holiday, not an entire ensemble swimming in it. The above collection has some adorable items that, worn separately or paired together, could help you to effortlessly look chic and festive, while keeping you from being labeled a super lame party pooper. If you’re working on Halloween, try dolling up a sophisticated swing dress with a bold cat eye and high bun. A sparkly cat ear headband is not only optional but completely noncommittal. Sitting around a fire pit with friends? I love the red wool cape coat with a basket full of candy to pass out. Voila, Little Red Riding. Trick-or-treating with the cuties? A cowboy hat and boots can instantly make you one adorable cowgirl mama. There’s nothing wrong with wearing costumes on Halloween, as long as you aren’t too sexy or crude. It’s good for your minis to see you having fun. Also, it’s adorable when the costumes coordinate. I just think that moms should leave the fishnets, short skirts, and gory costumes at home.

Wishing everyone a happy, chic, adorable, fun, and sweet Halloween!

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