Hairstyles For Little Girls


My 2.5 year old daughter has been blessed with a lot of hair, but this wasn’t always the case. On her first birthday, she still had bald spots, and prior to her second birthday, she barely had enough to make tiny pigtails. In fact, those first pigtails more closely resembled Shrek ears if I’m to be completely honest. Adorable, nonetheless! Since that time, she’s obviously been visited by the hair gods. Since we only had the two boys before our princess arrived, my husband and I didn’t have a whole lot of experience styling little girls’ coifs. Of course, I was a little girl myself at one time, but it had seriously been years (YEARS!) since I’d attempted french braids, french twists, pig tails, really anything aside from a ponytail for myself. I have to say that styling my daughter’s hair is a lot of fun! However, hairstyles for little girls have to be done quickly, and can’t be too fussy. Let’s be real; we all know that my tiny tot model isn’t going to sit still long enough for me to attempt anything too intricate or anything that takes longer to finish than that which can be accomplished between My Little Pony’s commercial breaks.

Before beginning your styling session with a little one, have everything you need at arm’s reach. I always gather the supplies first. There’s nothing worse than having a fully completed –and perfectly executed– french braid in your fingertips and realizing you forgot to grab a hair tie. One of my tips is to slightly dampen the hair first as well. My daughter thinks it’s so funny when I spritz her with the water bottle. Not only does it make her giggle, but it also helps to make baby fine hair less slippery. If you’re doing your little one’s hair for a special occasion, you’ll want to use hairspray to keep those fine hairs in place. However, if I’m just going to a play date or outside , I really don’t ever use any products in her hair. Trust that she’ll have many years to ruin her hair all on her own with styling products, dyes, bleaches, etc. Let her be a kid for as long as she can! Unless of course you’re going to a wedding or somewhere more formal. In that case, strap on the baby gas mask and go to Dallas with that hairspray, little mama!

To achieve the look in the above image, first dampen hair with a water bottle. My daughter has a major cowlick that messes with her part, so I have to wet it before attempting anything like this. When the hair is damp (not soaked), I part it down the middle with a comb. I twist the section I’m not working with, then french braid one side of her head. Ending at the nape of the neck, I tie a ponytail holder at the bottom. Then, french braid the other side. Carefully remove the hair tie from the first side and you can twist the two completed braids together into a french twist and fasten at the crown with a bow. I used two bobby pins before adding the bow for extra security. This is not a super tight hairstyle, but should last through a good amount of rough housing and/or tea sipping on your average play date.

Here’s another angle:


Messy sock bun:



Some people think you need long, thick hair to pull off a sock bun. First, that’s not true. Second, you don’t even need a sock or one of those gimmicky roll things they sell at stores. I use a regular headband rolled up three times, set at the bottom of a ponytail, and twisted down until secure. This is a very messy bun, but completely adorable. It’s really not going to fall out easily, yet it doesn’t look (or feel) uncomfortably tight for your daughter to wear. It feels just like a ponytail. If you want it to look less messy, spritz hair with water first, then use bobby pins around the base to secure.

And finally…



This hairstyle may be a bit more advanced. To get this look, section off the top portion of hair with a hair tie. Then, starting at one ear, do a sideways french braid and continue until you get to the other ear. Next, take the top portion of hair out of the tie and continue your french braid around the front of the head and back around once more. I’m pretty fast at braiding, but still — this one does take longer than other hairstyles. I believe any princess that sits still long enough for this updo deserves a royal cookie!



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