Get The Look – Fair Isle Leggings


This morning’s dreariness had me craving hot cocoa, a warm fire, and a good book to take me away. Here in the Midwest in early November, it’s not even that cold really, but on days the Sun doesn’t even peek out from behind the grey clouds, it makes it feel a bit chillier. Today is the perfect day to pull out the cozy, but chic, clothing you’ve hidden in the back of your closet. What better than the super affordable and versatile fair isle leggings that everyone and their mom is sporting?

I’ve been seeing these adorable, colorful leggings everywhere lately. From teenage fashionistas to soccer moms, this look is a breeze, but it can seem daunting trying to figure out what to wear with them. They’re so energetic and fun that I could see someone easily looking a hot mess if styled poorly. For me, I think these are the simplest bottoms to style! Going for easy and comfy? Toss on a cozy boyfriend sweater like the models above for supreme comfort. Seriously, you’ll forget you’re wearing real clothes and have to keep checking to make sure you’ve changed out of your jammies. I also think a brightly colored pair of leggings with a chambray shirt dress and riding boots would be precious. However, if you’re daring, my personal favorite for styling these bad boys is with a faux fur vest. Of course, I might just have a thing for the fuzz. My husband says they look like kitten necklaces, but what does he know? This is the guy that still rocks an Aqua Man tee he bought on a clearance rack 8 years ago like it’s the coolest shirt ever, so keep that in mind my fellow kitten-necklace-wearing beauties!


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