Frugal Fashion Friday – First!

Welcome to my first Frugal Fashion Friday edition! Don’t worry, all. I promise not to try to incorporate every single f-word I know into this post just to be cute. That would be sofa king annoying. See? No f-words! We’re good. Last Sunday, I wore this ensemble that is simple and cute…and frugal! I’ve been wanting a pair of riding boots for some time, but I was good and waited for the after Christmas sales. That really is the best time to go out and grab your winter fashions at a discounted price, if you can stand to wait. I’ve had a pair of suede riding boots for several years, and they’ve held up great. In fact, I still get compliments on them. However, they’re not great for wet weather, which we get our share of here in the Midwest. The coat was also an after Christmas sale! I’d been loving the colorful coats this season, and get compliments every time I step out in this coral cutie! The aqua purse was a gift this past summer, and I think it works well with my coat as long as my outfit stays pretty neutral. If I’m wearing something more colorful underneath, I usually opt for a more neutral handbag.

IMG_2696-001 (Small)

IMG_2697-001 (Small)

IMG_2704-002 (Small)

IMG_2702-002 (Small)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. It was $17 when I purchased it! This place always has great sales. Love.

Coat: Calvin Klein, no longer available. Similar here and here.

Boots: Bandolino. Got them right after Christmas on sale…which makes me love them more!

Leg warmers (worn under boots): I’ve had this pair for years. Similar here.

Tights: Similar here.

Handbag: Kate Landry, no longer available. Similar here. This was a gift. I’ve never owned a Kate Landry bag before, but I’m pleased with the quality. They seem to be pretty well-priced too.

Necklace: I’ve had this necklace for a long time. It has these pretty white shells, which is so ballsy to wear in January, but I do what I want! If the ocean can still have shells in the winter, I can too! Right? Here’s a similar one.


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