Date Night Look

date night look

Years ago, before the children outnumbered us, my husband and I used to go out together and laugh and play. I had almost forgotten the word “date” since it’s been entirely too long since this phenomenon has occurred, but the concept emerged back onto my radar when my husband shared his New Year’s resolutions with me. My favorite of his resolves was that he wanted to take his wife (hey, that’s me!) on more dates. Sweet!

Immediately, my supremely girly being started imagining date night looks in my head. In my mad brainstorming, I came up with the conclusion that my husband, and most men, can’t really stand anything trendy. My girlfriends and I all agree; men like sexy and hot and…naked. They don’t usually care about clothing. So, wearing a pair of jeans that hug your curves just right paired with a girly, sheer top trumps anything that could possibly be described using words like “frou frou.”


Vegas, baby! September ’13

My husband and I went to Vegas together in the Fall, and we had such a great time just being ourselves, not being Mommy and Daddy necessarily. Our kids are our whole lives, and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but I do always look forward to the moments we get to spend as a couple as well. Dressing up and heading out with your honey is very important for strengthening a relationship. I’m very lucky in that I have such a great guy. Even though we’ve known each other for so long, it’s nice that we still enjoy each other.

I just hope my husband warns me adequately if he plans to take me somewhere that warrants athletic wear. Love you, honey!



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