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Hello to my blog, for whom I used to write! I’m feeling somewhat poetic today, but maybe that’s because I just casually perused through a site chock full of hilarious haiku poems bemoaning the loved/hated herb, cilantro. I was looking up recipes for guacamole, and came across a common theme. Apparently, there are certain flavors that some people are genetically predisposed to disdain. I actually don’t think I’m a lover OR a hater of cilantro. I don’t ever spit out food that contains the controversial herb, but I don’t ever ask for the recipe or eat much of the dish for that matter either. Stumbling upon this site with thousands of fans does make a host nervous. How am I to know which ingredients might offend? For example, some people think it’s not even guacamole without the addition of tomatoes, while others feel that tomatoes completely ruin it! Some prefer lime juice, while others think it’s not even a question and should always be lemon. What if it offends some to add cilantro and others to substitute with parsley? Do I make two separate dishes? Of course not. That would be crazy. However, as someone who–admittedly and stupidly–strives to accommodate everyone, it’s unfortunate that there aren’t any right or wrong answers here. Personal preference aside, there’s also the topic of dietary restrictions.

As I’m hosting a small gathering tonight, I always try to make sure my guests know that I’ve thought of them in the preparation. If any of my guests have special dietary needs or restrictions, I try to make sure they have enough to eat. At the same time, as someone who does have dietary restrictions, I know that they don’t want to feel fussed over. I will make dishes that are safe and crowd-friendly, but never announce that anything was made special for them. I think I would be embarrassed if anyone ever did that for me. Touched of course, but super embarrassed I have to admit. I know that I’ve handled this poorly in the past. I have friends who are vegetarian, and one time we hosted a party, and I made little cards for every single dish, in red and green, so that everyone would know which dishes had meat (red) and which were vegetarian (green.) They never said anything, but of course let me know that I didn’t have to do that for them. In retrospect, I feel like I might have embarrassed them a little. I also might have made my omnivorous guests feel like they shouldn’t eat anything with a green tag, because it wasn’t made for them. That definitely was not my intention, but live and learn.

When having friends and family over, there shouldn’t be any added stress. I do hope that everyone will have a good time, and that everyone will be able to find something to eat. If not, I also know that having a good selection of booze is possibly just as important! If that’s not enough, I also have a stocked fridge for any stragglers who want to take a look and grab a snack themselves. If you’re hosting an upcoming gathering, don’t forget that there’s no such thing as “crowd friendly recipes.” Everyone’s tastes and diets are different, and you definitely aren’t going to please everyone. If you’re a good host though, you’ll make sure that everyone has a great time, because that’s the only thing that matters.

I’ll be back this coming week with some more stylish posts! I’ve got curtains, DIY jewelry organizers, before and after reveals and more! Stay tuned!


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