Cozy Casual

cozy casual

Since I worked on my nightstand twice today, during my daughter’s nap time and after my kids’ bed time, I wore my lovely painting clothes a lot today. However, I did wear actual clothes today for a bit as well. Above is sort of what I wore. I say “sort of” only because these are all similar to the pieces I own, but none are the actual items! I don’t think that fashion should ever be so rigid that you can’t make something your own. If fashion is art, is it not up to interpretation? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like to buy outfits, but rather pieces that I love and know that I can make into outfits myself. I also find that you’re less likely to be caught wearing the same thing as someone else; the HORROR!

Above, I put a head wrap in my collection to warm up my cozy casual mama look. I’m so in love with these cozy headwraps right now! I think because my head always gets so cold in the winter, but I tend to get really bad hat hair. As someone with naturally thick, wavy hair, I just have no clue what to do with my hair when it’s flat and lifeless. These work for me because they still look stylish and don’t completely ruin my hair. I also have the cutest raccoon sweater that I like to wear with skinnies or boyfriend jeans and ankle cowboy boots. Like most fashion pieces that I love, my husband cannot possibly understand why. When he first saw my adorable raccoon sweater, he asked if I got it at “Forever 21 Months.” Har har, funny man. And yes, I got it at Forever 21…actually.

Now to fix that manicure that my most recent DIY project keeps destroying…

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