Cowgirl Birthday — Yeehaw!


cowbella (Small)

The moment I met my daughter, I made her a promise. Whispered into her powdery soft peach fuzz of a coif, between kisses and inhales of her sweet newness, I promised her the world. I would love her forever, and always make sure she had everything she needed and wanted, even the things of which she had never dreamed. I promised my boys the same thing when they were born. In a way, having children is the closest thing possible to rebirth. Of course, we never get the chance to relive our own lives without regrets, but all parents do their best to make sure their children have everything they had, and most want their children to have even more. I know that’s true in my case.

For my animal-loving daughter’s 3rd birthday, we went all out. She had a cowgirl birthday party complete with a pony to give her and her friends rides around our cul-de-sac, a donkey pulling a cart for the smaller children, and a small petting zoo including two ducks, a rooster,and an adorably chubby bunny rabbit. All of her friends enjoyed riding around on Thunder the pony, and being pulled around by Jesus the donkey. For decorations, I used a combination of items from Amazon, the dollar store, and several DIY projects.

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The cow print table “cloths” came as a pack of 2 from Amazon for under $5. I also covered another table in the kitchen. (You’ll just have to use your imagination since I was too crazy that day to get a picture of everything!) The balloons and plasticware came from the dollar store, and we just used basic white paper plates and napkins. Sometimes, I think too much of a theme is a little overkill, and mixing in plain white accessories can not only save you a few bucks, but these plain items can compliment the more festive pieces nicely so your party doesn’t seem so over-the-top. We don’t want our guests gagging on the theme. Of course, maybe you shouldn’t take advice from me on how not to be over-the-top, since I did my best cowgirl voice the entire party while throwing in phrases like “Y’all better get your gitty-up on!”

IMG_20140617_124137_332 (Small)

These adorable dairy bottles were perfect for Cowgirl Ella’s famous milkshakes! I found the paper straws at Michael’s.

IMG_20140626_155907_416 (Small)

For the favor bags, I used plain paper bags and decorated with kitchen twine and gift tags. I printed off labels for the tags using a cute western-themed font. Since all the guests were pretty young, instead of putting their names on the bags, I just made up generic western-style nicknames like Barbecue Bandit, Blue Belly Bessy, Lil’ Chickabiddy, and Fussy Flapjack. It’s possible I might need to get a hobby. I bought a pack of twelve colorful bandanas on Amazon for $12 and filled the bags with gold coin chocolates, sheriff badges I scored at the dollar store, and horse shoe rings.

IMG_20140624_155843_355 (Small)

Well, you heard the little lady! Y’all come back now! And I mean it!

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