Detox Dieting

The past several weeks, I’ve been eating pretty terribly. I think it might go with the territory when you’re an at-home mom. Let’s face it; fun fare like grilled cheese sandwiches are easy and fast, not to mention toddler-friendly and pretty yummy for mama too! I’ve also been indulging in cookies, cupcakes, french fries and […]

The Liebster Award

This little site of mine went live exactly 6 days ago, so I’m quite flattered that Emma from Bella & Bear has nominated me for this award. I do understand that it’s just an award for being wet behind the ears basically, but nonetheless, I’m happy she chose to include my baby blog. The Liebster […]

It’s A Slippery Slope; Wear Running Shoes

It’s the day after Halloween, and I’m feeling regretful about all the candy I stole from my kids’ plastic pumpkins last night. No doubt I ingested thousands of calories in refined sugar. That can’t be good for anyone. It’s Friday though, which means I got up super early and ran, so it’s all good! Lie. […]