Cowgirl Birthday — Yeehaw!

  The moment I met my daughter, I made her a promise. Whispered into her powdery soft peach fuzz of a coif, between kisses and inhales of her sweet newness, I promised her the world. I would love her forever, and always make sure she had everything she needed and wanted, even the things of […]

DIY Playhouse

It started with a hole in the wall. Actually, there were two. We had a small storage area under the stairs that we weren’t using, and a daughter who needed a spot to play, so we grabbed our hammer and went to work. After framing out the doorway, we installed two lights; a porch light […]

Hairstyles For Little Girls

My 2.5 year old daughter has been blessed with a lot of hair, but this wasn’t always the case. On her first birthday, she still had bald spots, and prior to her second birthday, she barely had enough to make tiny pigtails. In fact, those first pigtails more closely resembled Shrek ears if I’m to […]

Loving And Guiding My Free-spirited Child

Once a week, my 2-year-old daughter has gymnastics class. The instructors are all so sweet, and the way they teach the children how to do the exercises is very creative. A lot of the exercises are nicknamed after animals or other toddler-identifiable objects. The kids really have no problem following along with the instructions, especially […]

The Comment That I Could Do Without

Today, while checking out at the grocery store, the cashier began talking to my 2-year-old daughter as she mindlessly rolled our items across the scanner. “Hi there. What’s your name?” “My name is Ella.” “How old are you, Ella?” “I’m two!” My daughter proudly stated with the most adorable cheeseball grin you can imagine. “TWO?”  […]

Raising Stylish Kiddos – Debunked!

When I was small, my favorite toys were my dolls and all their accessories. I could sit and dress my dolls for hours. I would fix their hair and design their clothing. I even put my mom’s makeup on them from time to time. I always thought that when I had children, I would dress […]