Peter Pan Collars — Growing Up Is Optional

There’s such innocence to this modest neckline, which makes it absolutely perfect for someone as sweet and pure as me. Go on now. After you’ve picked yourself up from the ground from laughing so hard, pour me a drink and let’s discuss the cuteness that is Peter Pan collars. Easy to wear and style, I […]

Cozy Casual

  Since I worked on my nightstand twice today, during my daughter’s nap time and after my kids’ bed time, I wore my lovely painting clothes a lot today. However, I did wear actual clothes today for a bit as well. Above is sort of what I wore. I say “sort of” only because these […]

Get The Look – Fair Isle Leggings

This morning’s dreariness had me craving hot cocoa, a warm fire, and a good book to take me away. Here in the Midwest in early November, it’s not even that cold really, but on days the Sun doesn’t even peek out from behind the grey clouds, it makes it feel a bit chillier. Today is […]

Have A Chic Halloween

As a self-proclaimed chic mama, dressing up for Halloween is now something I mostly reserve for costume parties. I’m definitely not a party pooper by any means; I just don’t like being a cheeseball as much as I used to. I liken it to runway looks and their ready-to-wear alternatives consumers later find on the […]

The Scary World of Mixing Neutrals

Being a busy mama sometimes makes it difficult to spend a ton of time getting dressed each morning. Thankfully, mixing neutrals  can save money, time, and is totally acceptable in the world of fashion. You just have to find the right balance. This October morning was crisp but sunny, and the only thing on the […]