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Although it seems impossibly high, roughly 40% of the world’s population lives on–or very nearby–the coast. This shouldn’t be surprising to me, considering that I don’t live anywhere near the sea, but envy everyone who does. When anyone comments on my easy, beachy style, I kindly remind them that I was born to live on the coast. It sings to me, and I call back glumly. At least I am fortunate enough to visit my beloved waves and salty air every year or so to nourish my soul, and of course to pick up some fresh sushi.

The above collection is representative of what my living room looks like today. My living room garners so many sincere compliments, I thought I’d share my look. The pieces are not identical to those in my home, but are very similar. I love blues and greys, beiges, turquise, with pops of yellow or cool orange. I have a large, low-profile sectional sofa in taupe and white built-in shelves dressing up my fireplace wall. I have two navy and cream loft chairs with bright yellow kidney pillows for a touch of playfulness. I have two small, dark wooden tables and one silver drum table to keep the room from matching. Going together is so much more interesting and beautiful than matching, don’t you think? On the shelves, I decorate with sea-inspired pieces, but also mix in some softness and warmth for visual interest and pictures of my gorgeous children, of course.

My goal in styling my home is for it to feel both chic yet inviting for our friends and family, and not make anyone feel uneasy. I want my friends and family to bring their kids over and not worry that they’ll break anything. I also hope my pretty house makes my guests forget about the dinner I most likely burnt.


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    I am obsessed with the coastal living look. Luckily, I am one of the 40% who live on the coast, and don’t think that will ever change (there will be other coasts, but I will always live by the water). My favorite looks are white couches, warm rugs and warm colors on the walls, lots of smooth surfaces and dark wood/white wood combos!!

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      chellerae says

      You will love my next post then, Sally! I love the same look for sure. I have to try not to look too beachy or coastal, though, since I live so far from the sea.

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