Foods To Eat For Beautiful Skin

Having supple, beautiful skin unfortunately has a lot to do with genetics. However, if you don’t like the skin you were born with, there are ways we can cheat our DNA and get the beautiful skin we’ve always wanted! Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can play the leading role in your pursuit of gorgeousness, and here are the best foods to eat for beautiful skin.


Antioxidants are touted in health and beauty forums so frequently, you might find yourself wondering what exactly are these magical molecules? Antioxidants work to flush out trouble-maker free radicals from our bodies. That’s the short and sweet answer. I like to think of antioxidants as little super heroes in my body, gathering all the nasty bad guys, aka free radicals, which can cause cell damage, premature aging, cancer, heart disease, and more.¬†Free radicals, because they are basically toxins that can’t be easily flushed from the body, can cause embarrassing acne and clogged pores. A quick Google search might lead one to believe that beans and plums have more antioxidants, and are therefore more important to eat than the often less appetizing cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and brussel sprouts), but it’s important to know that there are many different types of antioxidants, and a diet rich in a variety of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is best.

Mega Omega

In the western world, we eat a lot of foods rich in Omega 6, like cereals, breads, pasta, and baked goods. No mystery there; cookies are yummy. Omega 6 are fatty acids, just like Omega 3’s, but the former cause inflammation while the latter works to negate the effects. Both are essential, though, which means that we need them both, but that our bodies cannot possibly make enough of either. Therefore, it’s best to eat a balanced diet that contains some grains, but to make sure we also consume plenty of oily fish like salmon and nuts like walnuts to name a couple foods high in 3’s. Omega 3’s not only diminish inflammatory effects (In your skin, these negative effects would manifest as puffiness, wrinkles, and blotchiness to name a few.), but can also help with your skin’s elasticity. As a mother of 3, I wish I could go back in time and explain to my younger self about the amazing benefits of Omega 3! Since that isn’t happening, at least I can benefit from my wisdom now, and maybe help others who may not be too keen on the idea of stretch marks being a part of their future.

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Other Fun Stuff

I know what you’re thinking. You were totally on board with me about the vegetables and the fish and the nuts. Then, I mentioned your favorite drinks. Now, you’re starting to get mad and defensive, I can tell. You’re now reading everything I write in a high-pitched voice and trying not to make faces like this:

Cool your jets, sugar. I was actually going to tell you about how AWESOME coffee and alcohol can be. However, and please don’t start pouting again, they’re only amazing in moderation. You see, both caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration when larger amounts are consumed. Dehydration is one of the top reasons for under eye bags. This is why some people actually appear more fatigued after drinking a lot of coffee. This drying effect can lead to wrinkles and therefore, as with all diuretics, all of the beneficial nutrients I just talked you into eating can have a hard time being absorbed by the body. Coffee does have a lot of antioxidants, though! So there’s your good news. Just try not to drink more than one or two cups a day to make sure you’re getting all the benefits and the jolt without negating all the other good stuff you’re doing for your body and your skin.

Alcohol is similar in that it can be beneficial in small doses. A glass or two of red wine a day is perfectly fine, and even good for your heart, your skin (again, those beautifying antioxidants), and your soul. Om… Just be sure to drink plenty of water, glass for glass at least, and try not to drink alcohol or caffeine too close to bed time, as it can affect your sleep, which is the time of day when your body goes to work repairing those damaged cells.


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