Fall Porch Decorations

The crisp autumn air from the cracked door softly breezed across my cheek, cooling me down to my fingertips and making even my eyes feel cold and dry. This time of year always sneaks up on me. I blinked hard and my dry eyes filled with warm tears. “Mom, are you crying?” “No, honey. Just […]

Fierce Evening Look Suitable For Work Or Play

I first wore a skirt very similar to the one pictured above last year when my husband and I went to Vegas on a romantic weekend trip¬†and I got so many compliments!¬†Without tights, mini skirts can be a little revealing when you have longer legs. For work, pair with dark, opaque tights or leggings to […]

Put Together Outfits For A Casual Work Atmosphere

  Put Together by notyourmamasstyle featuring oversized watches A few weeks ago, I went back to work outside of the home. My youngest (the princess) is three and goes to preschool three half days a week, so now is the perfect time to reacquaint myself with the workforce. The most challenging part of going back […]