Updating Built In Bookcases

  Hi friends! I have a confession. I hope that I’m not the only person that does this, but I’m really awesome at starting projects and really terrible at finishing them. The built-ins above have been mostly finished for months, but just recently did I put the finishing touches on the crown molding. This is […]

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Months ago, I made this DIY jewelry organizer for my bedroom. I had purchased a tree to hang my necklaces years ago, but it was too short for most of my necklaces, which meant that they all ended up getting tangled up in a heap at the bottom. Isn’t the purpose of a jewelry organizer […]

Crowd Friendly Recipes

Hello to my blog, for whom I used to write! I’m feeling somewhat poetic today, but maybe that’s because I just casually perused through a site chock full of hilarious haiku poems bemoaning the loved/hated herb, cilantro. I was looking up recipes for guacamole, and came across a common theme. Apparently, there are certain flavors […]