Frugal Fashion Friday – First!

Welcome to my first Frugal Fashion Friday edition! Don’t worry, all. I promise not to try to incorporate every single f-word I know into this post just to be cute. That would be sofa king annoying. See? No f-words! We’re good. Last Sunday, I wore this ensemble that is simple and cute…and frugal! I’ve been […]

What I Wore (Alternatives!)

This outfit was so frugal, you won’t believe it! The wedge boots and the cardigan are both several years old, so I’ve gotten more than my money out of those items. The top was an end-of-the-season clearance item, and the footless tights you can get for next to nothing! The only piece that’s newer is […]

Happiness Is An Organized Bathroom Closet

Recently, I tackled a little home project that desperately needed my attention. When I say “desperately,” I’m possibly being a tad dramatic since most people don’t think that having a cluttered mess that no one else even sees is a big deal. In fact, most people could care less if their bathroom closet were a […]

Snowed In…Again

It’s January 9th, and my children are still on Christmas break. It’s been one snow day after another, and I’m going a little stir crazy. Yesterday, this is what I looked like, only I’m not a model like the girl above. Oh, and I wasn’t wearing any makeup. Basically, this is what I like to […]

Date Night Look

Years ago, before the children outnumbered us, my husband and I used to go out together and laugh and play. I had almost forgotten the word “date” since it’s been entirely too long since this phenomenon has occurred, but the concept emerged back onto my radar when my husband shared his New Year’s resolutions with […]

Warm Your Heart – Coat Styles 2014

I know what you’re thinking; that I’m a newbie blogger that doesn’t know the rules. I’m supposed to write about winter fashions way before it even gets cooler. Back in September, right? Well, I happen to not like rules much. Besides that, I just now bought my new coat and therefore couldn’t have shared with […]

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, in a nearby suburb, lived a girl who was blessed in so many ways. She had married her Prince Charming and was the proud mom of 3 beautiful children. There was just one thing this lucky girl feared. Unfortunately, when she wore adorable, romantic outfits like the one pictured above, everyone, […]