Fluorescent Fashion For Fall

Earlier this month, Kristen Stewart showed off her long legs in a leather mini, yet it was the bright fluorescent yellow cropped top that caught my eye! I loved it. Maybe it’s the tiny bit of rebel in me (yeah, not so much) that just loves seeing a fashion rule being broken. Afterall, neon yellow […]

Fierce Evening Look Suitable For Work Or Play

I first wore a skirt very similar to the one pictured above last year when my husband and I went to Vegas on a romantic weekend trip¬†and I got so many compliments!¬†Without tights, mini skirts can be a little revealing when you have longer legs. For work, pair with dark, opaque tights or leggings to […]

Put Together Outfits For A Casual Work Atmosphere

  Put Together by notyourmamasstyle featuring oversized watches A few weeks ago, I went back to work outside of the home. My youngest (the princess) is three and goes to preschool three half days a week, so now is the perfect time to reacquaint myself with the workforce. The most challenging part of going back […]

Surviving The Man Cold

This winter has been one of the longest and coldest that I can remember. When it’s extra cold and we’re all stuck inside sharing collective groans of boredom, we also tend to be extra generous about sharing our germs. Somehow, we’ve had three bouts of the stomach bug in my house, as well as countless […]

Strange Things Bloggers Do

  We bloggers are strange creatures. We write–and share with the world–all of our secrets, our embarrassing moments, our financial woes, things normal people don’t even talk about with their cats. I have to say there’s something cathartic about spilling all your beans, but it also lends people to believe that bloggers might just be […]

Crowd Friendly Recipes

Hello to my blog, for whom I used to write! I’m feeling somewhat poetic today, but maybe that’s because I just casually perused through a site chock full of hilarious haiku poems bemoaning the loved/hated herb, cilantro. I was looking up recipes for guacamole, and came across a common theme. Apparently, there are certain flavors […]

Frugal Fashion Friday – First!

Welcome to my first Frugal Fashion Friday edition! Don’t worry, all. I promise not to try to incorporate every single f-word I know into this post just to be cute. That would be sofa king annoying. See? No f-words! We’re good. Last Sunday, I wore this ensemble that is simple and cute…and frugal! I’ve been […]