DIY Paver Path

Within a week of moving into our current home, I decided, while perfect for us, our beautiful house desperately needed a path from the street to the front door. While warm, dry days are fine for a stroll through the lawn, during rainy or snowy days, there really is no way to get to the […]

Fluorescent Fashion For Fall

Earlier this month, Kristen Stewart showed off her long legs in a leather mini, yet it was the bright fluorescent yellow cropped top that caught my eye! I loved it. Maybe it’s the tiny bit of rebel in me (yeah, not so much) that just loves seeing a fashion rule being broken. Afterall, neon yellow […]

Fall Porch Decorations

The crisp autumn air from the cracked door softly breezed across my cheek, cooling me down to my fingertips and making even my eyes feel cold and dry. This time of year always sneaks up on me. I blinked hard and my dry eyes filled with warm tears. “Mom, are you crying?” “No, honey. Just […]

Fierce Evening Look Suitable For Work Or Play

I first wore a skirt very similar to the one pictured above last year when my husband and I went to Vegas on a romantic weekend trip¬†and I got so many compliments!¬†Without tights, mini skirts can be a little revealing when you have longer legs. For work, pair with dark, opaque tights or leggings to […]

Put Together Outfits For A Casual Work Atmosphere

  Put Together by notyourmamasstyle featuring oversized watches A few weeks ago, I went back to work outside of the home. My youngest (the princess) is three and goes to preschool three half days a week, so now is the perfect time to reacquaint myself with the workforce. The most challenging part of going back […]

Brass Chandelier Makeover

You know what they say about one man’s trash? Well, they didn’t lie. It’s one mama’s find on craigslist! It’s also a weekend project, because no one ever sells beautiful, perfect items on craigslist for cheap. They’re either in need of some TLC and in my price range, or they’re not in my price range […]

Cowgirl Birthday — Yeehaw!

  The moment I met my daughter, I made her a promise. Whispered into her powdery soft peach fuzz of a coif, between kisses and inhales of her sweet newness, I promised her the world. I would love her forever, and always make sure she had everything she needed and wanted, even the things of […]